Quick Bio

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me!

I was born in Los Angeles but I was adopted and grew up in eastern Montana. For those of you who have not made the endless drive through big sky country ~ imagine vast, open spaces with blowing tumbleweeds, and grazing herds of cattle. My family raises American quarterhorses, which are beautiful creatures and a lot of fun to ride, and angus cattle.

I ventured out to Seattle in 1988 for college. After graduating from the University of Washingtonwith a B.A. in Comparative History, I spent a year in Prague teaching English which was a wonderful experience. I returned to Seattle and was introduced to erotic entertainment by a friend in the business. My interest was immediately sparked and I have learned more about people than in any other realm. I have travelled widely, had many amazing experiences and have become more comfortable with my body and my sexuality through various escapades as a lingerie model, Vegas stripper, pro-dom, and peep-show tease.

I feel that over the past few years I have developed adeeper sense of the healing and educational aspects of erotic body-work. Compassionate touch is a powerful force and the intensity of working one-on-one is immensely gratifying.

I invite you to visit me here, venture into my Erotic Lair, and freely experience the body divine… I am looking forward to introducing you to many wonderful sensations!


My lovely Lair is now located in the east village of NYC but I do travel frequently to many major cities, please see Itinerary for my current travel schedule.


As an erotic body-worker, I love to create a safe, lovely & sensual atmosphere of highly focused energy where my client is free to relinquish control and fully experience every sensation.

I am highly skilled in the unique art of “Strap-On Delights” and use my hands and toys to give pleasure in extraordinary ways. I approach this area with sensitivity and care as well as intensity and have had many exhilarating experiences introducing new pleasures to both men and women. I am extremely health conscious and maintain safety in all practices.

I do not offer full service or practice any kind of play that would pose a health risk.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon!


1. How old are you?

I was born in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969.

2. What is your ethnic background?

I don’t know, I was adopted and grew up in eastern Montana where wild mustangs still roam free!

3. Are you married?

I’ve never been married and I don’t have any kids.

4. How long have you been in business?

I’ve been involved in various aspects of adult entertainment since 1997.

5. Are you bi-sexual?

The term ‘bi-sexual’ is really quite nebulous. I have certainly enjoyed many intense and erotic experiences with women! They have been mainly playful, explorative, healing, or fun, work-related ventures. I would certainly never rule out the possibility of meeting someone special who makes me tingle, shares common dreams, and happens to be female but I generally fall head over heels for sexy, creative boys who refuse to grow up!

6. Do you enjoy your work?

Absolutely! There are many aspects of this business that are wonderful. I love body work and and having so much freedom and flexibility. I have always felt most comfortable in intimate social situations and love to be involved in what I believe to be important and healing work. It is difficult, of course, to manage the constant threat created by negative judgments as well as the challenges posed by working closely with the most sensitive aspect of human experience… SEX!

7. What is an erotic-massage?

In an erotic-massage, the sensations are primarily sensuous, playful and arousing. It may also incorporate other “tools of pleasure” to provide full-body stimulation concluding in that special sigh of absolute relaxation! I believe touch, affection, and tension relief of all kinds to be immensely important to health and well-being.

8. Is the incorporation of your ‘Strap-On’ or other tools required during a session?

No, of course not!

9. Are you a Dominatrix?

I don’t consider myself to specialize in professional BDSM. During my sessions, I remain in control but this is primarily for my own comfort and not a power play.

10. Do you feel powerful with your “Strap-On”?

This is always a strange question! I do feel ‘powerful’ in that I feel well defended against uninvited touch and the spread of germs. I also feel wonderfully equipped to provide safe physical and psychological pleasure, which, in my opinion, is one of the highest manifestations of power! I find that my “Strap-On” is visually stimulating and it is always fun to excite people! I do not, however, define ‘power’ to exist in the phallus itself or in any object shaped to represent it, nor does it feel like I have a penis when I wear a leather harness and a piece of plastic! (But its a lot of fun to wear!)

11. Do you enjoy submissive clients?

I believe there is great beauty for both men and women in the sharing of trust and vulnerability. BDSM play can be a rewarding and healing exploration of such intense and deep-seated human responses. Unfortunately, it is my experience that many submissive clients of sex-workers are interested mainly in a secretive, possibly unconscious expression of self-loathing, underlying misogyny and fear, or sexual frustration and dissatisfaction. They also often attempt to ‘top from the bottom’ and gain emotional or physical power in a way that undermines mutual trust and respect.

There is much I would like to say about this sad and painful reality, but more importantly, I do not wish to profit from such action or be responsible for its greater consequence to either party involved. I believe the process of self-awareness and the development of greater self-love to be the most important aspect of joyful living and I am always willing to explore these ideas and share in the process of discovery and healing on an emotional and intellectual level as well as provide physical comfort.

12. Do you get pleasure from using your “Strap-On”?

I always get pleasure from giving pleasure! There is not a lot of physical stimulation for me but my sessions are more focused on what I am able to do for someone else… There can be quite an exhilarating exchange of energy!

13. Does my desire to be with you and your “Strap-On” mean that I’m gay?

Well, it is my understanding that it is not the action which takes place or the implements used that determines sexual orientation, but rather the gender of those involved or possibly of those being imagined. Of course, this is always a complex question for me as I personally do not agree with either our binary gender code, or the qualities assigned to our concepts of masculinity and femininity. It is commonly believed, for example, that only women should experience or enjoy penetration (or the more passive, receptive role during sex) that is one of the main causes of concern in the first place.This is not only simply ridiculous and outright false, but disturbing in its greater implication.

I feel that this concern is sad in that it is feared and I believe many people do not fall into narrow “straight” categories of hetersexuality or homosexuality.

14. Are your sessions safe and healthy?

Latex is a great protection against germs for toys and hands as well. I do not specialize in activity that involves pain or physical trauma and my larger toys are only for the more experienced. It is false belief that internal genital or anal muscle tissue may be ‘stretched out’. Like any muscle, they remain strong and elastic through contraction which is possible only via relaxation. The fastest way to weaken a muscle is actually through prolonged tension. Many people have genital or anal tension and suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles and experience health problems such as the loss of bladder control. Penetration provides a great way to concentrate on relaxing and contracting these muscles. However, it is possible to irritate the sensitive tissue in these areas so one must use caution! Again, this is much more likely to happen when a muscle is tense and in a weakened state.

It is my belief that anal play is not only wonderfully pleasurable and great physical exercise but also provides the release of many emotional fears and harmful feelings of disgust for the body. Those of us who have learned to relax this muscle also know how much pleasure there is to be had from its stimulation and men are lucky enough to have a prostate which is highly sensitive. There have not been any scientific studies (that I know of) of the effects of this type of stimulation or its long-term results as far as prostate health, but I would be very interested to know. Unfortunately, medicine suffers from severe cultural bias and most doctors are probably much too deluded by gendered sexual beliefs and fear to be anything but mistrustful or outright aghast at such a suggestion. I have had many clients tell me that their doctor said it was unhealthy and that always makes me so angry!

15. How much do you charge?

Please call to discuss session fees.

16. Can you describe your ideal session?

Again, it is difficult to express, but my ideal session involves sincere conversation. I like to get to know people as well as what is desired and expected. I appreciate it when I am able to relax and enjoy doing what I do best. This requires the recipient to have the ability to clear the mind, release expectation, focus on physical and emotional sensation, and be receptive. I believe the ability to let go of control develops only through self-respect and confidence. Therefore, my session becomes a unique opportunity to increase such skills!

Take Good Care,
Love Jennadea

Client Reviews


My sessions with you are wonderful, magical, inspirational, and, well, damn sexy!  You are so gentle and giving and I can’t wait to see you again.  Thank you sexy!”  Marc ~ NYC, April 2010

“I had a session with you in November, and before that a few times in NYC in 2007 — you continue to blow my mind and rock my world every time.” Patrick ~ April 2010

“I’ve seen Jennadea many times and can’t wait to see her again. I can vouch for her. She’s a wonderful woman.” T ~ Austin, April 2010

“Jennadea, I think every one of your pictures is beautiful. Sorry for being impolite, but you have to be lying about your age. You’re absolutly slammin! haha. You must be the hottest 40 year old on the face of the earth.” Anonymous April 2010

“The hour I spent in Jennadea’s able hands was 60 minutes of pure bliss. Turn yourself over to her expert abilities and you will most certainly be glad you came!” Chris ~ New Orleans, April 2010

“Jennadea is a beautiful, knowledgeable, and skillful massage therapist with an added specialty in which she seems equally adept!” Tex ~ Austin, March 2010

“The most sensual experience ever. She is very patient and makes you explode using both hands. She is a master at hitting the spot at the right time with the exact right amount of intensity.” Anonymous

“Hi Jenna,
I had the most wonderful time seeing you! You and Lisa gave me one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had! Just wanted to thank you for taking care of me and my fantasies!”

“Dear Jenna — I love the way you are so comfortable with me when I play my naughty lingerie ‘dress up’ games with you. Your combination of erotic skills and emotional sensitivity really frees me up to experience the ultimate in ecstatic release, especially with your strap-on moves. You are such an expert at squeezing every last drop of pleasure out of times together.

P.S. I’ve got a great erection just writing this. Keep in touch.”

“Jenna is a down to earth, real person, with whom you can relax and just let be your guide. She is sensual and erotic, while at the same time bright and intuitive. What a gift it is that she gives of herself for other’s pleasure.”

“All I can say is WOW!!! That was the most fantastic experience I ever have had. It was incredible, I want MORE!!! I don’t know what you were doing exactly but I LOVED IT!!! When can we meet again and continue this journey? It is the only thing I can think about!”

“Thank you for yesterday. You are a bright, beautiful, intuitive woman. Should I have included warm and funny? Naw, too much praise. ”

“Hi Jenna and Lisa, I just wanted to thank you two for a fantastic time. I have never experienced anything like that, it was amazing. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!”

“My dear, my guess is you are a woman totally at ease with your sexuality and beauty. My wife and I rarely get to Seattle, but the next time we do we will be calling you for an appointment. You are exquisite!”

“Dear, today I saw you on the Internet. Your body is electrifying, oomph appeal is just oozing out from your face and body.”

“Dear Jenna, let me tell you, you have a fine, grade AA Montana Prime ass!”

“A simple thank you does not even come close to the gratitude I need to express to you!”

“Jenna, thank you very much for helping (my girlfriend) Shiela achieve one of her fantasies. You’re the best!”

“I just visited your site for the first time today and I need to say I think you are stunning. As of right now, I am starting the ‘visit Jenna fund’!”

“Wow … you just floored me!”